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Saudi Arabian Railway

The three major Passenger Terminals, completed in 1981, in Riyadh, Dammam and Hufof, are considered among the most prominent utilities and the largest construction projects of SRO. They reflected a quality change in passenger services as they included several improved utilities and services such as passengers’ lounges, postal offices, information offices, restaurants, parking lots as well as crew housing. They are also considered urban landmarks with their architectural design which mixed traditional Islamic style with architectural styles of Central and Eastern Arabia


The network of railways in the kingdom is extended with a total length of 1,412 kilometers, and it links two regions Eastern Province and Riyadh where 40% of the population is located as well as 50% of the economic activity. The organization trains carry annually more than 1.3 million passengers and 350 thousand containers, which means more than 80% of the containers directed to Riyadh Province through Dammam Port, and two million tons of ordinary movable goods which need about 500 thousand trucks to be shipped on the road.


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