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Riyadh 2030 undertakes to present the complete Asian Games experience, in which every detail has been carefully considered and planned to enable every athlete to perform to the very best of their ability, and to share their achievements with the largest possible audience.

The aim of the Riyadh Games sports plan continues the overall essence of the project of Transforming the Future, bestowing upon this great continent an Asian Games that is open and flexible, user-friendly and impeccably planned, with everything in place to create a celebration of sport in the context of one of the world’s great cities.

Riyadh provides an impeccable setting for athletes from around Asia to realise their dreams, and Riyadh 2030 has produced a financially sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible concept for them to achieve it in.

With particular emphasis on listening to the needs of the athletes, the Riyadh 2030 plan is intended to offer exceptional conditions to facilitate the very highest levels of sporting achievement within a unique Saudi atmosphere.

Beyond delivering a safe and welcoming environment for the entire Asian Olympic Family, the media, sponsors and spectators, Riyadh aims to turn the setting for each sport into a spectacle with its own creativity, giving rise to unique and unforgettable moments. The in-competition presentation and award ceremonies will be designed in accordance with and inspired by the riches of the Saudi and Arabic cultural heritage, lending a unique and inimitable spirit of festivity and spectator interaction, that will spur the athletes on to achieve their very best.


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